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  • Where and when may we check-in?
    Check-in begins at 3 PM. Please come up to the house across the highway from the cabins and knock on the door. We will check you in and guide you to your cabin.
  • What are your check-out policies?
    Check-out is 11 AM. Please leave your key on the cabin kitchen counter and the door unlocked when you leave. Please ensure all garbage is securely inside the cabin to avoid attracting animals. Thank you!
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Reservations that are cancelled more than 72 hours prior to arrival receive a full refund.
  • May we have guests or bring extra people over the maximum capacity of our cabin?
    The maximum capacity of the cabins cannot be exceeded for your safety and for the health of our septic system.
  • May I host a party in the cabin?
    Parties are not allowed. However, small celebrations that do not exceed room capacity limits for the units you have booked are allowed.
  • Are pets allowed?
    Dogs are permitted. Guests are responsible for cleaning up their dog(s) waste on the property. Do not feed dog(s) outside to avoid attracting wild animals. Guests could be asked to leave if their dog is disturbing other guests. Guide dogs and service dogs are not subject to these policies.
  • Is there wi-fi and cell service?
    There is no cell service or wifi. The town of Downieville is 5 miles away and has cell service and wifi at certain shops. We have a landline at the main house in case of emergency.
  • What should I bring?
    Bug spray, poison oak treatments, river toys (floaties/tubes), sunscreen, chapstick, personal toiletries, and sturdy shoes. Toilet paper and paper towels are provided.
  • How do I get my things across the river to the cabins?
    We have carts to help you carry your belongings across the suspension bridge. The suspension bridge may be difficult to manage if you have difficulty walking.
  • What kind of wildlife should I watch out for?
    California is home to more diverse species and ecosystems than anywhere in the U.S. The rich and varied landscapes of the Sierra Nevada Region host most of the state’s biodiversity. Some of the animals you may encounter during your stay are Rattlesnakes, Bears, River Otters, Skunks, Raccoons, Possums, Spiders, Mosquitos, Bees, and Wasps.
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